the egyptians mined down and carved the pyramids out of the earth below ground and then when they were done they leveled out the rest of the ground around the area using a combination of water and dynamite so it would appear that they had built them above ground

still some holes there— only aliens can explain how they got all that water

after a while crocodile

I’m not sure if that person was joking or not… Hmm



Who is the target audience for Gogurt? Is it for children? I feel like the marketing is trying to make it look “cool” but I don’t know why. It’s cool to eat yogurt out of a tube. Cool kids don’t know how to use spoons? Spoons are for fucking losers. I’m on a public bus right now and I’ve never been in a relationship and I think about dropping out of college every day

Well that escalated quickly. I had to reread it because I thought I missed something there.